What Is DS4N6 Service?

DS4N6 stands for Data Science Forensics and refers to Data Science (DS), including Artificial Intelligence (AI), applied to the whole Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) discipline.

For the last few months, a group of experts from One eSecurity, ranging from Forensic Analysts and Data Scientists to Code Developers, have worked in a project to integrate Data Science and Artificial Intelligence into DFIR, with remarkable results.

One eSecurity's DS4N6 Service brings together Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and provides the means to evolve and innovate traditional methods in the DFIR field area.

Why DS4N6?

The value of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence applied to DFIR, can give incalculable value to the large amounts of data that already exist within information technology security systems.

Data Science and Artificial intelligence applied to the world of DFIR, addresses many different issues that globally and commonly affect large organizations:

  • Turn cutting-edge technology applied to Forensics and Response.
  • Improve efficiency in detection and response operational activities, in a non-disruptive way.
  • Identify unnecessary operational tasks and avoid foreshadow risks.
  • Convert forensics traces into actionable insight information, across different sites and countries.
  • Discover inconsistencies in processes between different sites, group of sites, tiers or providers.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over threat actors.
  • Respond to security incidents with a greater insight of the environment, being able to drive more action towards core tasks in remediation and recovery.
  • Validate security strategic decisions.
  • Package information for different target security groups or audience, increasing precision and accuracy.

What One eSecurity Offers Over Our Competitors

  • Leadership in the field of EIR: Our Technical Team is headed by Jess García (CEO of One eSecurity) and Carlos Fragoso (CTO), who are international recognized experts, with the highest level of specialization in Digital Forensics and Incident Response. Both are instructors in Information Security at the renowned SANS Institute (www.sans.org/profiles/instructors).
  • A Community in DS4N6: DS4N6 is a Community project led by Jess Garcia, with a backbone of Forensic Analysts, Data Scientists and Developers, with varying degrees of knowledge and expertise (from juniors to experts with 20+ years in the field), both from One eSecurity and external collaborators. (Follow us up on Twitter @ds4n6_io and Youtube.)
  • Integration with any IT Security architecture or system: Our DS4N6 framework can be integrated with any IT security system in place.
  • A test bed to define and proof DS4N6 capabilities: One eSecurity makes available to its clients the developed DS4N6 capabilities and the possibility of measuring these capabilities with their real systems.

Keep calm and call ONE to find out what DS4N6 can do for you.

Digital Forensics Threat Hunting Cyber Threat Intelligence
One eSecurity Digital Forensics service is focused on system in-depth analysis, aiming at obtaining a traceable record of previous activity in order to answer any investigative questions. Our Threat Hunting service combines the analytic capacity of our most experienced experts with the power and automation of our Hunting Framework, offering a continuous and proactive threat search process in both networks and systems. The Cyber Threat Intelligence service by One eSecurity provides (both internally and for clients) knowledge and information on key threats for decision-making and forecasts of risk situations on IT systems and networks.
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