What Is TM?

Talent Management is a service created to support our clients in the tasks of assessing talent in the field of cybersecurity, and evaluating technical and non-technical skills, with the main objective of identifying the best and most talented cybersecurity teams

One eSecurity will work with you to develop a complete evaluation process that covers all the technical and non-technical skills that the candidate should possess. We will also support you to assess candidates with carefully designed technical challenges, in-depth interviews, and competence assessment, among others.

Our approach is focused on achieving a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of individuals and teams, understanding their potential but also identifying their areas for improvement. The assessment of each candidate or team raises a series of questions that must be answered during the evaluation process:

  • Will the individual/team have the appropriate technical skills?
  • Will they be able to perform the DFIR tasks in a efficient and sound way?
  • What are the areas for improvement?
  • Will they be able to work well under pressure on a real incident?

Why Should You Use TM?

The origin of Talent Management can be found in our own recruitment process. We wanted to find the best profiles in the field of DFIR, candidates who fit well with our team and our culture. We have been optimizing our process for many years, designing new challenges and testing them. And now, we are pleased to share our experience with our clients.

Technical assessments provide a way to evaluate a candidate’s ability to work on a real incident. They are a crucial tool to ensure that organizations hire or place candidates with the right skills to succeed. However, the candidates’ soft skills are equally important: their ability to work under pressure, their resilience, their learning potential, their motivation, etc.

The Talent Management service covers all the areas that a candidate must possess to have a successful career in your company.

Talent Management Services

Our aim is to make the best possible assessment. To achieve this, we work in several areas:

  • Assessment of current technical skills within a team, to analyze the roles that may be required.
  • Advice on the recruitment process.
  • Redesign of your recruitment process.
  • Design of technical challenges to evaluate the candidates and the teams' skills.
  • Evaluation of non-technical skills through various tests and methodologies, such as Lego Serious Play, interviews, psychological tests, etc.
  • Complete assessment report.

What Does One eSecurity Offer Over Its Competitors?

This service combines the power of the technical team with the reliability of a group of experts in cyber profile recruitment. Talent Management will reduce the percentage of candidates who are unable to adapt to the roles defined by our clients and will reduce the turnover rate of your cyber teams. Talent Management will help you match the candidate’s expectations with client's needs.

One eSecurity can also support your company to design a selection process tailored to your needs, or advise you on your own recruitment process.

Cyber Exercises Cyber Consulting
Cyber Exercises are an excellent tool for raising awareness, preparing, and training organizations and teams in cybersecurity. One eSecurity CYCON service can give you honest answers to the most complex questions and acting as a guide throughout decision-making processes.
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