What Is Threat Hunting?

One eSecurity’s Threat Hunting Service offers our clients a continuous and proactive threat search process in both their networks and systems. Our Hunting Framework combines manual and automated analysis carried out by our expert analysts in different areas. This approach transforms traditional threat management, turning it into a proactive operation and offering a much faster detection and response rate.

Why Threat Hunting?

Prevention systems alone are insufficient to counter focused human adversaries who know how to get around most security and monitoring tools. - From SANS Institute.

Threat searches have traditionally been manual and reactive processes, where a security analyst would draw on their own knowledge of SIEM or IDS systems and other existing capacities and would create and analyze hypotheses about possible threats. Our Threat Hunting service transforms the reactive process into a proactive one, providing us with the necessary tools and processes to be one step ahead of possible threats and to detect them as quickly as possible. Moreover, our Threat Hunting framework allows the combination of these processes with those already present in the organizations we work with, integrating them with their CTI, SOC, CERT teams or any other internal team.

Hunting Framework

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop our very own Hunting Framework on which we build our service.

Thanks to this framework we are able to:

  • Improve and automate the prevention of security incidents through control measures.
  • Feed information to other perimeter security devices.
  • Focus on specific campaigns or conduct beats to identify APTs.
  • Automate security operations and remediation activities.
  • Improve incident detection.
  • Provide information to different company areas of operation.

Our reliable external sources of threat intelligence obtained from different feeds (OSINT, HUMINT, CCI, IOCs, Malware analysis) combine with your company's own internal sources to form the perfect cocktail of information necessary to counteract and prevent possible attacks.

This framework combines specialist resources, technology, and dedicated processes.


The Threat Hunting service collates the capacities and expertise of our Incident Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Threat Hunting departments. Experts in each of these areas will be responsible for generating the various IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) and TTPs (Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures) which will be used to identify threats. Moreover, these experts are in charge of supplementing the automated threat analysis by doing their own manual analysis, ensuring that any threats within the client’s systems and networks are detected, and also carrying out malware analysis if needed.


The Threat Hunting platform is part of our Incident Response framework, which we have named Forest. This platform has over 10 years of experience and has been used by us and our clients on dozens of investigations around the world. The analysis of thousands of devices in a few hours and the versatility of this platform have been key in the resolution of all types of cases: financial actors, ransomware, or insiders, among others.

Dedicated Processes

All processes defined by the Threat Hunting service are designed to be integrated with existing processes, some of which are well developed, and exist within the incident detection, prevention, and response cycle, adding value at each phase through existing CERT, SOC or CTI teams.

What Advantages Do We Offer Compared To Our competitors?

Our Threat Hunting service formula is:

Threat Hunting = Response to Incident - Incident

A Different Approach

Our approach is different and more efficient than reactive systems. Drastically reduces the volume and severity of attacks leading to an order-of-magnitude fewer alerts, incidents, and costs. Provides early warning and indicators to model zero-day signatures to incident response mechanisms and enumerate attack networks through cyber threat intelligence. It is not subject to scalability issues around performance and cost that reactive systems struggle with. One eSecurity threat hunting decisively engages the adversary and also includes activities to hunt and pursue adversaries.

Our Own Framework

Having our own hunting and threat intelligence framework enables us to: analyze and generate all kinds of IOCs, from the simplest hash files to the most elaborate TTPs, based on our malware analysis ability; perform these analysis on large banks of servers and equipment, quickly detecting the type of attack, the artifacts found and patterns on files, processes, ports, registry entries, installations, memory logs, and disks; integrate the framework with the client's own tools (antivirus programs, EDRs, forensics agents, etc.); reuse all the information generated to achieve rapid detection and containment of any type of malware.


You can activate us whenever you need to and for whatever purpose. Our different service agreements allow the client to have Threat Hunting as a one-shot services or as a continuous Hunting service, 24/7, with thousands of targets.

Download TH Technical Sheet

Service Data Sheet

Service Data Sheet

What Is Compromise Assessment?

Compromise Assessment service offers an objective evaluation of a predefined client technical environment, oriented to the identification of malicious activity related to security incidents or security threats. This assessment is based on proactive digital forensics and incident response methodologies and strategies applied to defined systems and infrastructure within the scope of the client.

A Compromise Assessment process is a fundamental preventive step in Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligence, and Compliance processes required by companies or regulators.

Digital Forensics and IR Emergency Incident Response Cyber Threat Intelligence
One eSecurity Digital Forensics service is focused on system in-depth analysis, aiming at obtaining a traceable record of previous activity in order to answer any investigative questions. One eSecurity Emergency Incident Response is aimed at clients who need agile response and support when a security incident happens. The Cyber Threat Intelligence service by One eSecurity provides (both internally and for clients) knowledge and information on key threats for decision-making and forecasts of risk situations on IT systems and networks.
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