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Cyber Threat Intelligence

One eSecurity uses its own Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) knowledge base acquired from its experience leading and responding to global incidents during years all around the world, as an exclusive internal source for the provisioning of services such as Threat Hunting or Incident Response.

This experience-based information source provides our services with a unique insight on updated threats, actors, tactics, techniques, and vulnerabilities.

With this approach, One eSecurity’s team enhances the capabilities of analyzing the client’s environment and identifies new threats, compromise indicators, actors, and campaigns that can affect the organization, generating customized reports, lists of indicators and detection rules, graphical models, and even new threat alerts.

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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

One eSecurity has its own DS/AI Community, named DS4N6 (http://www.ds4n6.io/). It’s a backbone of Forensic Analysts, Data Scientists, and Developers with varying degrees of knowledge and expertise, both from One eSecurity and external collaborators.

The DS4N6 project brings together Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and provides the means to evolve and innovate traditional methods in the DFIR field. This can give incalculable value to large amounts of data that already exist within information technology security systems by enabling more efficient analysis with unprecedented results.

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Next Generation Forensic Lab: SKY

After many years of experience in providing DFIR services as Incident Handlers and Forensic Analysts,One eSecurity has been progressively developing its own DFIR analysis system known as SKY.

This platform has been designed to automate most of the usual orchestration work needed to manage a DF/IR/CTI infrastructure. SKY is an automated analysis system that is able to process evidence with specific tools and integrate the results in a centralized analysis environment to be reviewed by the designated investigators.

SKY architecture integrates third-party DFIR tools into its workflow easily, automating the execution of the most advanced forensic software.

SKY has a flexible plugin framework that allows new workflows to be developed and facilitates the integration of open-source and commercial tools, whether they have an API or not, based on an understanding of GUI automation.

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Cyber Operations 24x7

Our Cyber Operations (CybOps) team is responsible to run and maintain the continuous security operations and processes, backing the services and projects teams that perform the analysis and investigations, in a 24×7 format.

One eSecurity Operations methodology has been created and enhanced based on the experience acquired over the years to increase its capabilities to cover incidents in the fast and efficient way leading to a follow-the-sun model.

To more information contact us info@one-esecurity.com

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