What Is CYCON?

One eSecurity's CYCON Service offers you honest answers to the most complex questions and can serve as a guide throughout decision-making processes. We are here to help you build, grow and mature your Digital Forensics and Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Cyber Threat Intelligence or Incident Readiness capabilities, applying the experience that is at the core of our business.

Why Should You Use CYCON?

One eSecurity CYCON services will allow you to answer questions such as: Am I mature? Am I ready? What if I am breached? Am I on the right path?

Our main goals are to help our clients grow and achieve their most ambitious objectives. How we can do that?

  • We can provide information or knowledge to our clients based on our experience.
  • We can help them to diagnose a problem.
  • We can provide solutions to their problems.
  • We can help improve organizational effectiveness.
  • We can provide recommendations, define a roadmap, and assist on the implementation.

The CYCON service brings you the joint capabilities and expertise of our Emergency Incident Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, and Digital Forensics and Incident Response departments.

What Advantages Do We Offer Over Our Competitors?

What you can expect from us:

  • Consulting based on experience in cybersecurity and incident management. We come from the trenches.
  • Practical approach, results oriented with deliverables along the project.
  • Quick wins driven, improvement as soon as we detect it.
  • Agile methodology applied to consulting.
  • Our services are tailored to your company needs.
  • Get value from day ONE.

What you should NOT expect from us:

  • Weight-based documentation, designed for compliance and to be stored for a long time.
  • A single final project deliverable.
  • Abstract consulting, unrelated to your context.
  • Consulting based on paper and not on real, hands-on experience.

We can can help our clients to:

  • take advantage of their already deployed technologies,
  • invest on the best technologies based on their needs, we are vendor neutral,
  • grade their own maturity levels and identify gaps, with ONE custom DFIR, CTI or TH maturity assessment frameworks,
  • design or lead task forces projects,
  • define or implement Incident Readiness KPIs,
  • improve IR Plans, playbooks or workflows.

How We Do It

One eSecurity works side by side with our clients. We organize our consulting based on an agile methodology (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timeline driven), with a continuous follow up and adaptable to new priorities based on the project evolution.

Consulting Types

Digital Forensics and IR Threat Hunting Cyber Threat Intelligence
One eSecurity Digital Forensics service is focused on system in-depth analysis, aiming at obtaining a traceable record of previous activity in order to answer any investigative questions. Our Threat Hunting service combines the analytic capacity of our most experienced experts with the power and automation of our Hunting Framework, offering a continuous and proactive threat search process in both networks and systems. The Cyber Threat Intelligence service by One eSecurity provides (both internally and for clients) knowledge and information on key threats for decision-making and forecasts of risk situations on IT systems and networks.
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