What Is SKY?

SKY is a state-of-the-art advanced digital platform that gives support to investigation and response teams for digital forensic investigation and analysis processes. SKY consists of a platform based on a virtualization infrastructure for the acquisition and processing of digital evidence, the deployment of specialized tools in the digital forensic field and high capacity storage.

SKY orchestrates the different components and offers advanced capabilities for both electronic evidence management (TESLA) and forensic laboratory management and operations (NEBULA). This combination allows the complete management of a case lifecycle: creation, evidence loading, processing, result generation, and forensic reports. SKY is a multi-tenant solution that keeps each client company, with its cases and evidence, completely isolated from the rest.

Evidence management

  • Encrypted upload of evidence to our secure storage system.
  • Storage and categorization of evidence. Chain of custody secured.
  • Hash calculations, metadata generation, and chain of custody.
  • Prioritization of transfers to the backend.
  • Global repository of unchanging evidence.
  • Copies of the master evidence for the analysts to work on.
  • Support for evidence stored in encrypted containers (Bitlocker, Truecrypt, and LUKS).

Forensic lab management

  • Global case management.
  • Deployment of forensic analysis machines, malware analysis machines, network traffic machines, case-specific wikis.
  • Creation of a database with all the information of every case, as well as the associated data: evidence records, chain of custody records, hashes, analysis results, reports, etc.
  • Isolated environment per case. There is no visibility of the rest of the cases or the rest of the forensic labs.
  • There are no possible ways to contaminate environments, which means that other components cannot be infected.
  • Own networking and VLAN assignment. Assignment of IP range to each of the machines in the case creation of its entry in the DNS.
  • Creation and maintenance of an internal DNS and separate networks of the laboratory. Multilayer approach.
  • Forensic templates with more than a hundred forensic tools already installed, deployed in an automated way.
  • All virtual machines in the same case have visibility of the same evidence.
  • Creation of access rules in the firewalls for each of the machines that are deployed.
  • NFS configuration for evidence mapping and sharing. Continuous process for each of the machines as well as for each of the cases.
  • Dynamic environment: if the case grows, there is an assignment of new evidence, and the growth of volumes of evidence analysis is automatically done.
  • Cloning of computers, hostname changes, and customization of items that could conflict on the same network.
  • Shared assignment of forensic tools licenses.
  • Backup execution and restoration.
  • Case pause, case closure. Restoration of closed to open cases.

Investigators management

  • Volumes of evidence in RO or RW analysis, specific to the case, and without visibility of the rest.
  • Access control.
  • Deployment of a two-factor authorization (2FA) mechanism to access the research platform.
  • Access to cases is done through a broker in which the accesses are registered, and a log is kept.
  • Assignment of sessions for each of the users.
  • Creation of a custom Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) for each user.
  • Assignment of new created users to existing cases.
  • Creation of public keys for each computer to be able to operate Single Sign-On (SSO) functions.
  • Creation and maintenance of an LDAP.

Forensic Process and Methodology

The following picture illustrates the forensic and investigation process carried out by our team:

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